Amherst Athletic Hall of Fame


The formulation of the “Amherst Athletes Hall of Fame” was a joint venture of the Amherst Schools and The Amherst Foundation. In June of 1987, Bob Welch, Assistant Principal at the High School, set up  a Steering Committee made up of Amherst Alumni and Amherst coaches for the purpose of formulating the Amherst Athletes Hall of Fame. The Steering Committee was made up of the following people:

Dave Dengler Bob Hettler     Bonnie Hobson  Fred Machemer
Duke McGuire     Rocky Nagel     Rick Walsh     Lois Ward    
Debbie Weihrich     Gerry Wright     

This Committee met for the first time on July 22, 1987 and set up the qualifications necessary to be nominated for the Hall of Fame.  These qualifications include:

  1. The person must be out of school or gone from the district for ten years.

  2. The person must be an athlete or a coach who made significant athletic contributions to their team or school while they were here at Amherst or after High School.

Amherst Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees:

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