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2013 EE - Awards

2013 Distinguished Educator Emeritus Award winners: 

Rosemary Dayton – Retired AMS & ACHS Choral Director – Nominated by Lynn Ramsey ’79. According to Mrs. Ramsey, “Posey instilled the love of music into our Middle School years.”  Ms. Dayton carried on and expanded the music program at the high school following Walter Reitz’s retirement. She touched many young lives and continues to support the high school operettas.

Dr. Bruce Burr – Retired Principal at Smallwood Elementary School – Nominated by David Kuhaneck.  Mr. Kuhaneck recalled that “Dr. Burr was a true professional and gentleman who worked long hours, was intelligent, inquisitive, productive, highly organized, even-tempered, polished, diplomatic, and always treated everyone with respect.”

Dr. Paul Wietig – Retired Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, and Assistant Superintendant - Nominated by Ken Butka. Dr. Wietig was part of the first team of teachers at the ACJHS that developed a program for the academically challenged (CAR program.) According to Mr. Butka, Dr. Wietig “would either take the initiative or lend his support to any curricular changes and assist in their implementation.” He was part of the Amherst School District family for over 30 years.

Dr. Victor Lalli (posthumously) – Retired Artist & High School Art Teacher - Nominated by Kris Black. According to Ms. Black, Dr. Lalli’s encouragement and dedication prepared his students to go on to successful careers involving art. She said that, “Dr. Lalli helped me put my art portfolio together and spent countless hours guiding me through the process. With his constant support, I was accepted to UB and attended as an art major.” 

Morton Klayman – Retired Drama & Speech Teacher – Nominated by Don Alan Croll, ACHS Class of ’65; Vicki Forbes Dueck, ’66; Linda Baumler Koziol ’67; Peter Hall ‘67; Steve Greenfield Raikin ‘67; Grant Golden ’68; & Janet Baumler Thiele ’69. The nominees described Mort Klayman as a “tremendously effective and popular teacher whose sage advice, wisdom, guidance, and mentorship inspired several generations of Amherst students to pursue successful careers in the performing arts and related fields.”