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Board of Directors

Along with the generous support of financial contributions, the achievements of the Amherst Central Alumni Foundation, Inc. depend on the volunteer efforts of our Board of Directors. 

The Foundation has many fun and exciting activities planned and wishes to hear from all interested alumni and retired faculty who would like to be considered for nomination to our Board.
Please call the Alumni Office at (716) 362-8259 or e-mail alumni@amherstachools.org if you are interested and want more information.

2023-2024 Board of Directors


Samantha Sweeney General 2007


Susan Smith 1974


Jessica Muenter 1990


Emily Warren Zimmer 2006


Erin Dengler 2004

Cindy Diem 1974

Susan Fretz 1973

Julie Halm 2007

Eric Hauser 1976

Nancy Graves Manalio 1970

Carol (Carson) Mollach 1982

Larry Ross 1972

Samuel Shatkin 1975

Robert Wagner 1998

Peter Walsh 1979

Honorary Board Members:

Mark Ahrens 1973

Paul Batt Jr - Retired Board of Ed.

David Dengler 1974

Marek Fludzinski 1973

Ruth Munson

Cynthia Shatkin Oppenheimer 1972

Gail Osborn Neff 1958

Joseph Podgorski - Retired Administrator